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About Us

Who we are

Lysys is a Group of Engineering Companies with Know-How and Technical Expertise in Designing, Delivering and Managing Critical Infrastructure Projects.

Lysys provides services for:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Security
  • Systems Integration
  • Communication
  • Engineer Consultancy
  • Building Automation
  • Cloud Enablement and Acceleration

In the following markets:

  • Aviation
  • Ports & Marines
  • Rails & Metro
  • Logistics
  • Smart Solutions

Our vision is to provide to our customers value-add innovative solutions that answer complex challenges, solve operational problems and increase operational efficiency.

We are a team with a common vision and passion to … engineer Solutions

Our Principles and Ethics

To be customer-focused and to remain our customers' preferred partner for the products and solutions we offer, throughout the projects and investments life cycle.

The ability to capture and understand customer requirements is a key factor for the successful design, delivery and sustainability of technological projects throughout their life cycle.

To be business-focused and continually improve our processes in order to be both efficient and effective.

Lysys commitment is improvement through continuous investment in personnel capabilities, build-up, and optimization of internal processes. Lysys as an ever-evolving organization aims for business excellence, low operating cost, and high productivity.

To best utilize the knowledge and experience of our employees, recognize their contribution and provide a proper environment to motivate them to reach their full potential.

Lysys takes pride in the dedication, professionalism, knowledge and expertise that characterize its employees. By hiring the best possible candidates and creating an environment that encourages self-improvement, continuous learning through on-the-job and partner system training. We guarantee that our clients enjoy the best possible services and technical support.

To be committed to ethical and responsible business practices at the core of our competitiveness, to safeguard long term success.

In every facet of our business we operate with the highest ethical authority. The highest standards are set to ensure that we provide our customers successful solutions while at the same time Lysys complies with the highest quality and environmental requirements.